Mission Statement


The International Cannabis Industry Association represents cannabis industry
companies and business organizations in North and South America.


Our Goals

ICIA members span a broad cross-section of cannabis business activity including growing and production, edibles, services and associated
professions. Through membership in ICIA, companies shape rules
and policies that stimulate international cannabis  regulations, trade and investment.
These companies in turn count on ICIA’s influence to get business views
across to governments and intergovernmental organizations,
whose decisions affect corporate finances and operations worldwide.

ICIA is the primary educational resource and networking body for the international cannabis industry with an emphasis on collaboration between companies in the emerging markets of North and South America. It is the only advocacy group focused on meeting the business needs of international cannabis businesses.

Areas of ICIA focus include industry benchmarking, standardization, branding, banking regulations and technology development. 

Global networking offerings include ICIA industry meetings, international industry meetings, seminars, trade conferences and customer trade shows.

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